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The founding partner of PPP Legal Advisors is Marshall F. Levine. Marshall Levine LLB BSc MSc Solicitor was previously a senior partner with Linklaters and head of their construction and engineering practice for 15 years, and subsequently joined Field Fisher Waterhouse as head of construction and projects.

He is now Senior partner of Marshall F. Levine & Associates, a law practice in London and was a Director of International Financial Services Limited (IFSL), a British financial services export company. He has set up PPP Legal Advisors to create a specialist legal advisory service to foreign governments, public authorities and municipalities, and the private sector in the establishment and running of PPP projects.

He hopes to provide low cost support to bidders, authorities and the PPP market generally, training and lecturing, and generally the creation of PPP legal know how to support better PPP project information.

PPP legal advisors work very closely with Steven Raggett of ICP Holdings, Adam Smith International, Ecorys Finance (Rotterdam) and various other consultants and advisors.

Marshall Levine
Founder and Senior Partner

Marshall Levine Managing Partner | Construction & Engineering | PPP & Project Finance | Real Estate, Litigation & Commercial Law


Experience Senior Partner | Construction & Engineering, Real Estate, County Court Litigation & Commercial Law at Marshall F. Levine & Associates

September 2006 - Present (10 years 2 months)

I am a leading lawyer specialising in Construction and Project Finance at Marshall F. Levine & Associates, a boutique law practice.

I am a former head of Construction and Engineering at Linklaters for 24 years and was also a founder partner of Linklaters PFI/PPP practice when PFI/PPP began in or around 1993 in the UK.

I specialise in construction, development and finance, joint ventures, developments, design contracts and corporate rescues of projects.

More recently my practice has widened to general Commercial Law, buying and selling of businesses, Landlord and Tenant, Wills and Probate and County Court Litigation.


Partner specialising in advising on PPP and Infrastructure programmes at PPP Legal Advisors

September 2006 - Present (10 years 2 months)

I run a PFI/PPP Management Consultancy business called PPP Legal Advisors advising foreign governments, particularly in Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

I was a founding partner in Linklaters PPP Projects practice.

I specialise in advising international governments on their PFI/PPP and infrastructure programmes, project set up, negotiations, and transactions and am particularly experienced in preparing tender documents, concession contracts, PPP agreements, design, construction and facilities contracts, dispute resolution and rescues of difficult projects.

I currently work as a consultant to the World Bank, Difid and other multilateral agencies and work on the implementation of projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Ghana.

I also train government officials in PPP matters in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia and Nigeria for Crown Agents, Difid and other Agencies.


Director at Sheldon Restaurants Limited trading as The Fitness Cafe

September 2007 - Present (9 years 2 months)

The Fitness Café is a private 1 to 1 gym run with no membership fee with various classes and facilities such as kick boxing, spinning, yoga, water rowing, pilates and power plate.

It is registered with BUPA and PPP/AXA and provides specialist services such as Sports Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema recovery and care.

It is a tailored, efficient and friendly Fitness 1 to 1 Gym with a delicious health food café upstairs.


Director | Legal Cafe, Neighbourhood Law Centre and Space Hire at Sheldon Restaurants Limited trading as The Legal Cafe

September 2006 - Present (10 years 2 months)

The Legal Café is a continental Deli café with good quality coffee, good quality food and free Wi-Fi, with excellent, elegant and fully equipped executive meeting rooms downstairs to hire for training, board meetings, interviews, as and when you need them .

We have some very special visitors who live nearby and use our café – Gwyneth Paltrow, Helena BonhamCarter, Clive Owen, Billie Piper, Damien Lewis, Leonard Whiting, David Walliams, Ronnie Wood, Sophie Frost, Jude law, Chris Martin etc.

We run a neighbourhood law centre downstairs and hire out our meeting areas for meetings and functions


Global Practice Leader for Construction & Engineering Law at Linklaters

September 1981 - May 2005 (23 years 9 months)

I was the former head and Global Practice Leader of Construction and Engineering at Linklaters for 24 years and was also a founder partner of Linklaters PFI/PPP practice.

I was involved in many varied UK and International high profile projects and real estate developments including Nat West Tower, The Gherkin, UCLH, Heathrow Airport Baggage Handling Systems, World Cargo Project Heathrow, Beirut Soliderre, West Nile Delta, and St Petersburg Ringroad.




Encyclopedia of Construction & Engineering Precedents | New releases every year

Thomson Reuters 1995

Authors: Marshall Levine

The ultimate drafting tool for all sectors of the engineering and construction industry, Construction and Engineering Precedents: Contains a comprehensive collection of amendments and drafting alternatives to all the standard construction and civil engineering contracts, both domestic and international.

Includes an extensive range of support precedents to cover every stage of a building or civil engineering project.

Provides expert guidance and drafting advice, with a clause-by-clause analysis and legal commentary.

Covers every stage of a building or civil engineering project, including PFI and FIDIC contracts, consultancy agreements and collateral warranties, project management, performance guarantees and bonds.

Helps you to draft agreements that meet the requirements of all parties


Encyclopedia of Commercial Property Development Precedents | New releases every year

Thomson Reuters 1985

Authors: Marshall Levine

I am joint author with Damian Perry and Lawrence Heller.

Before commercial property can be developed or redeveloped, carefully drafted agreements are needed to bring together the parties concerned, namely the developer, the financier and the agent to manage and let the completed property.

Commercial Property Development Precedents provides all the documents needed for such agreements.

It sets out carefully drafted contracts and clauses for funding of land acquisition; design and building construction, including project management; and the development of the property, including the agreement for sale.

Clear, concise commentary explains the different clauses and what they achieve, notes what the user should be aware of when preparing agreements, summarises the law relating to commercial property development and establishes the roles and obligations of the parties involved.

As part of this area of practice is dominated by standard forms, this work puts forward amendments to the standard clauses where they do not reflect the envisaged transaction or where the balance of the parties' obligations needs to be altered.

Using Commercial Property Development Precedents alongside the standard form contracts will ensure that the legal documentation is suitable for the needs of the parties and the nature of the development, with nothing overlooked.

Will aid drafting where standard forms cannot be relied on without checking and amendment Puts forward amendments to the standard clauses with commentary where they do not reflect the envisaged transaction.

Provides specimen clauses for all the high value and notoriously complex legal documentation arising in property development Reflects practitioners' needs by following document preparation at each transaction stage.

The full text of the precedents is now also available on disk in Word format to enable speedy drafting of documents without the need to rekey.


Construction Insurance 2nd edition Informa Law from Routledge 2008

Authors: Marshall Levine I am co-author with Roger ter Haar QC.

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts, 2nd Edition comprises commentary on all the most important contracts, regulations and policies.

This book will be useful reading for those in the construction industry, including architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, contractors and for lawyers advising insurers who need to have a practical reference book, which covers the interaction between construction and insurance, to turn to.




World Bank, DIFID and Multi-Lateral Agency Adviser

(1981 to Present)

Members: Marshall Levine

Advising governments and public institutions in relation to infrastructure projects, training and educational programmes and surgeries, urban regeneration and PPP transactional management.

I have managed projects in Jordan,Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Russia, Khazahkstan and Lebanon.



Work Experience

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