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As a comprehensive legal & management consultancy, we offer advice through all stages of the PPP process - procurement, due diligence, RFP and tender preparation, negotiation, drafting PPP concessionary documentation. We work mostly internationally - Asia, Africa and Europe with local legal economics, and engineering practices. We are also involved training and preparing teams for projects


We are able to specifically:

  • Draft PPP documentation (concession contracts, credit agreements, construction and facilities contracts, direct agreements, payment mechanisms).

  • Prepare position papers on status and evaluation of projects for government bodies.

  • Prepare input into policy and guidance documentation for PPP strategy papers, studies and reports.

  • Prepare legal risk and due diligence reviews on existing PPP projects.

  • Second to PPP project teams and bidding teams to advise on legal matters

  • Advise on negotiation and closing process.

  • Advise on PPP international projects, UK legal procurement and bidding strategies.

  • Advise on all Public Procurement Rules and Laws

  • We assist in preparation of laws and regulations

  • Provide and participate in PPP seminars, lectures and training, workshops, roundtables, case studies and programmes for PPP practitioners on PPP legal matters.


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