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Turkey - Capacity Building Programme

Worked closely with the Turkish governments. Main project features included capacity building with role as a legal advisor. Advised government on new PPP laws and PPP programme under World Bank Capacity Building Programme, training staff and reporting on initial PPP projects.

UK - Nottingham Power Consortium

Advised Nottingham Power Consortium in relation to two power stations. Prepared PP agreements in relation to two power stations including West Burton power station (coal-fired power station), Trent Valley power station and Ratcliffe on Soar power station (£660m 1270MW CCGT station run on natural gas). Drafted a PPA with London Power and also an agreement for additional £100m gas desulphurisation project.

Kazakhstan - New PPP laws and PPP programme


Based in Kazakhstan, advising government of Kazakhstan on new PPP laws and PPP programme under World Bank Capacity Building Programme (2007). Advised the government on establishment of their PPP programme including roads, rail, and electricity as well as schools. Noteworthy achievements involved co-writing a significant report alongside IFC/World Bank on the capacity for the country to use PPP in its infrastructure building, the establishment of the PPP Centre as a joint stock company in Almaty, under 100% government control for spearheading Shar Station Uskmaragorsk railway and South Kazakhstan Aktobe oblast power lines. Assisted in establishment of 2008-2010 concession laws.

Nigeria - Infrastructure Advisory Facility

Worked with DFID closely on this project nICXRC and Lagos PPP Unit. Designed to provide access to rapid and flexible consulting expertise to help Federal Nigeria and Lagos State improve its infrastructure through policy and strategy formulation, planning, project implementation and private sector investment.

Advised on Lagos take and pay PP Agreement for Island Power Lagos and prepared review of MMA2 Airport project in Lagos as well as economic, financial and legal reports on Federal Railways. Also worked on evaluation of Lagos Ibadan Expressway Project, Apapa Ports Project forming part of port review and Leki Expressway and Red line and Blue line Mass Transit railways in Lagos. Prepared ICRC PPP regulations and report on improvements to federal PPP legislation and local PPP legislation in Lagos State and other Nigerian States.

Kenya - Capacity Building Programme

Advised on several training mission for PPP training to government officers for capacity building programme. Advised on bid for Airport Expansion and several PPP bids in Kenya for Waste Water, water purification and Universities Hostels.

Jordan - PPP Capacity Building Programme

Worked closely with Government of Jordan on Capacity Building. Advised Government under World Bank Programme on new PPP Capacity Building programme. Wrote report on new PPP laws, legal risk issues reports. Also advised on structural and projects legal issues for structuring PPP fund for 5 pilot projects in Jordan.

Romania - Infrastructure & PPP

Worked closely with Romanian government for PPIAF Programme on PPP Infrastructure fund and LIIT Programme. Legal advisor to government. Wrote report on new PPP laws, legal risk issues reports and structural and projects legal issues for structuring PPP fund for 10 pilot projects in Romania including social housing, water purification and waste water projects.

Ethiopia - National Roads Authority

Legal Advisor on Capacity Building. Advised on training missions for PPP training to National Roads Authority, governments and private sector groups on ROADS for capacity building programme, Millennium Dam and Addis to Mombasa highway.

UK - Water Treatment Facilities

Worked closely with Scottish Water Authority on water treatment facilities as a legal advisor. Advised on legal due diligence, drafting RFPs, PPP agreements and negotiating these with bidders and reviewing finance agreements.

UK - Croydon Tramlink PPP Project

Worked closely with Transport for London on roads agreements, operations and maintenance, and construction contracts. Advised consortium in preparing roads agreements and also trams supply agreement with Bombardier Transportation for Croydon Tramlink which had 24 trams and had electrical equipment and tractor equipment supplied by Kiepe Elektrik.

Ghana - Roads Programme & River Volta Dam

Working closely with the Ministry of Finance for Ghana. Main project features were infrastructure and training. Advised Ministry of Finance on Roads  Programme and River Volta Dam Project. Provided training programmes for PPP for the Ministry of Justice and AG offices on PPP matters through Neoedge.

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