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We advise a wide range of clients including:

  • Public bodies - Councils, government authorities, counties, quangos.

  • Contractors - Contractors bidding for PPPprojects or investing in/subcontacting to the PPP market

  • Facilities contractors/operators - Contractors /Operators investing in or subcontracting to the PPP project entity

  • Advisers - Other professional teams working or investing in PPP projects

  • Bidding Teams - Advising teams assembling, creating bidding agreements and subcontracted to bidding groups

  • Foreign Governments - Governments or municipalities wishing to embark on PPP programmes, strategies, pilot projects.

  • Non Specialist Lawyers - Lawyers who do not have any PPP specialisms

Romanian Government
Turkish Government
Jordanian Government
Government of Ghana
UK DFID & Foreign Office
Nigerian Government
Kenyan Government
Ethiopian Road Transport
World Bank & PPIAF
Lagos State Authorities
Singapore PPP Unit
Malaysian PPP Unit
Asian Development Bank
African Development Bank
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